My Girl's Story...

I never knew the muddle I would get into when I first looked into the eyes of my oldest daughter. She didn't find life at school too easy. Her little head was whirling with what to do and she was giving it her best shot, but it wasn't enough.

In frustration I went and sat in class and watched, I realised that the teacher was not giving my girl anything to hang her new learning on. Everything was just too new for her and it just didn't stick.

I asked the teacher to explain how to best teach her to write, she said there was no secret, just practice. I was not happy to accept this.

So, teaching became my "new career". Aged thirty two, I was the granny at uni that told everyone to be quiet, "I was here to learn". It cost me to become a teacher, so I was going to do it well.

At uni I asked the lecturer how best to teach letter formation and she said "go to the newsagent, buy the current book and practice".

I knew that this was not the answer, so started looking for ways to make connections. It began with holding a pencil, everyone said it was a car... my girl said "no it's not, two people sit in the front of a car!". She's right. Motorbike with a side car made sense to her, a mechanic underneath fixing it; she had seen that, this made sense.

Over time it progressed slowly from a motorbike pencil grip to riding streets. Nothing new, nothing amazing, just what made sense. Now the story is history.

Easy Street is easy; it makes sense and connects the real world to learning.

The results speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy the journey and Easy Street makes at least this little part of learning easy for you and your learner.


Best wishes,
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
Director of Easy Street Education Pty Ltd

P.S. My girl today is a wonderful and passionate early childhood teacher that's helping her learners make sense of their learning.

She knows what a difference it makes.

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