Privacy Policy

Easy Street Education Pty Ltd respects the privacy of you, your children, your school and your students. This document explains what information we collect, and how we use it.

1a. No online data transmission (Home version)

The Easy Street Handwriting (Home version) app stores all of its user information locally on your iPad or tablet, within its own data container. This data is not made available to other apps on your iPad or tablet, and is never transmitted to us or any other online storage.

All locally stored data is destroyed when the Easy Street Handwriting (Home version) app is removed from your device.

1b. Online data storage (School version)

The Easy Street Handwriting (School version) app accesses data stored securely on our server. This data contains your login name and password, and is only used to provide personal access to store your own data. The app sends writing accuracy statistics, avatar and funpark customisations, which are stored for the next time you log in. None of this information will ever be given or sold to third parties without your approval.

2. Use of data

Easy Street to Handwriting collects and stores a list of names, gender, handedness, and writing accuracy. This list is used only to personalise your use of the app. Your name (or the alias you enter) is used to distinguish your profile from other users' profiles. Your gender determines the appearance of your avatar. Your handedness decides which hand is shown in the tutorial, which side of the bike the sidecar is on, and on which side of the screen the speedometer appears. Your writing accuracy is recorded to allow a teacher or parent to target letters that the user is having difficulty with.

3. Diagnostic data collection

In the unlikely event of an application crash, your iPad or tablet may send diagnostic data to the OS manufacturer of your device (Apple/Google/etc), who may forward that data on to us. This diagnostic data contains information about the app at the moment it crashed. It contains no personally identifiable information, and will only be used to attempt to discover the underlying fault in our code that caused the crash.