A Boy's Story ...

Peter has been verified as speech language impaired.

Peter's fine motor was incredibly poor, writing made him angry, frustrated and explosive.

When I meet Peter he constantly hit himself in the head with his hand and said "I am stupid" .He would not engage in class life and preferred his safe spot in the hall. His outbursts in class often meant evacuation.

Peter would rip up his books and throw them, tip his tidy tray contents in the bin and jump up and down on the empty tidy tray until it broke.

Half way through year one, Peter works in class as hard as his peers. He rarely hits his head and hasn't ripped up a book in months. He now says "Yeah, I'm smart. My brain is getting bigger". He only leaves class occasionally and he is in control. He takes a moment to regroup and is back to work within 3 minutes on most occasions.

What changed? ACCESS

The introduction of Easy Street to handwriting program gave him success. He immediately knew the language and took control of his own learning through the programs app. Peter also participated in class "riding" of letters every morning, raced around the "street maps" of letters with his peers, and thus learnt correct letter formation in a very short space of time.

Last term Peter's writing was entered into the local show as part of the school exhibition. Giving him the keys to write has empowered him to participate in learning, and more importantly see himself as a learner.

Jack's Success...

Jack arrived in class writing a whole page of squiggles and symbols, unable to read back any of it. He's been identified as intellectual impaired and has an individual curriculum plan.

Every morning for the last 3 terms he has participated in focused small group learning. Consisting of: Easy Street Handwriting app, just one set ...park group to begin, then same group of letters on the tracing mats and finally independently on a small whiteboard.

During writing rotations, the teacher scribed for him initially so that he could trace over letters with correct line placement.

Now he is the go to person for letter formation. A new student arrives, Jack will happily give them the Easy Street speak for making letters correctly. Ask him how he knows to make a letter and he will happily tell you " Easy Street teached me " (We'll work on the grammar!).

Now he will write an entire page independently and read it back!

Every afternoon in the days reflection he says " I pretty much love school " I get a hug and he happily heads home with the warm feeling of success.

And me ....." I pretty much love Easy Street"!